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Why buy a home in Ward Hall Estates? First of all, you will have a home built by a builder with over 50 years of experience to provide you with quality and price unmatched.

Second, you can live with a part of history. Ward Hall was constructed in 1855 by Junius R. Ward. He was the son of General William Ward. Ward Hall is currently open to the public as a house museum. This pre-Civil War mansion is one of the best examples of antebellum Greek revival architecture in this region, and promotes Bluegrass history, culture and tourism. It has been described by many historians as the most fabulous house in Central Kentucky, and was admired as the location for many lavish parties and balls.

These are facts that not many neighborhoods can lay claim to. That's the reality at Ward Hall Estates: a rich heritage. Making that heritage a part of your home will add to its value.

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